Steps that you should follow to install risers on a septic tank

As you probably already know, a septic tank is very important because it helps to separate solids from wastewater in order to decompose as much of those solids as possible as the liquid flows to the drain field. A septic tank has to be kept in good working order or it could lead to public health concerns, property damage, water pollution, and much more. Choosing to install risers on a septic tank with Blue Diamond pumps makes a lot of sense because they will allow easier pumping, inspection, and maintenance; not to mention that they are required by law in many states. The following steps will allow you to install risers on a concrete septic tank.

1.   Get all the necessary parts together

There are certain items that you will have to get in order to get ready to install a riser system on your septic tank; those items include a Tuf-Tite tank adapter ring (TAR), a kit for riser adapter rings, a butyl rope, Tuf-Tite risers, a Tuf-Tite domed lid or Tuf-Tite flat lid, and stainless steel screws. The adapter, lid, and the risers should be a little larger than your septic tank hole.

2.   Make sure the top of the septic tank is clean

One of the most important things to ensure that you do a good job of installing risers on your septic tank is creating a good seal; that means that you have to make sure that the top of your septic tank is perfectly clean so that dirt does not ruin the seal.

3.   Applying the butyl rope to your tank adapter ring

The main purpose of the butyl rope that you purchased is for it to help you achieve a water-tight seal. You will have to meticulously apply the butyl rope directly to the bottom of your Tuf-Tite tank adapter ring, ensuring that you get the butyl rope all the way around your adapter ring. Again, getting this right guarantees a water-tight seal so take your time with it to get it right.

4.   Putting the adapter ring in place properly

The next step in the process of installing risers on your septic tank has to do with putting the Tuf-Tite tank adapter ring in place properly. You will want to press the adapter ring with a bit of force onto the septic tank. You should have a drill bit in the kit that you purchased that will allow you to start the holes where you see divots on the adapter ring. Once the holes are started, use the tapping screws that were in the kit to secure the adapter ring to the top of your system properly.

5.   Apply butyl rope to the risers

Apply butyl rope to the recessed rings on the bottom of each riser in order to make them water-tight.

6.   Place the risers on the adapter ring

The final step is to place the risers on the adapter ring properly. That’s it! For more information, click here:


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