Blue Diamond AC45 Piston Pump 45 litres/ min

by Blue Diamond Pumps
Sold out
  • Provides a large amount of air: 2700 litres per hour
  • This compressor produces 45 litres per minute
  • High pressure and high output
  • Can aerate multiple airstones at once
  • Multi outlet air dividers that can be individually opened and closed

AC 45 Air Pump is a Piston Operated Air Pump - no more diaphragms to replace !!

ACO-308 and is capable of pumping 45 litres per minute.

These Piston Airpumps comes complete with 1.5m of cable, 3 pin plug and a six branch air stone manifold.

The case is made of high-quality ZL102 aluminium alloy with streamline design, making heat-dissipation more effective.

The piston and cylinder adopt Sf3, a new type of hard wearing material. This allows a low power consumption relative to the large air output and pressure achieved.

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