Blue Diamond Aquarline Aco-9820 High Output Pond/Aquarium Air Pump, 3600 Liter/Hour

by Blue Diamond Pumps
Sold out
  • High output pond or aquarium air pump
  • Maximum output 3600 ltr/hour
  • Maximum pool or aquarium depth 60"
  • Complete with a 10 outlet air divider
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 2500 ltr (500 gallon) and ponds up to 15,000 ltr

The ACO-9820 air pump is ideal for larger hydroponic tanks and aquariums; they allow several air stones to be run from one pump so that a large amount of water can be aerated at one time.

These high quality air pumps from Hailea provide high air output with good efficiency and excellent value for money. They are great quality and a very solid build.

They are non-oil lubricated and suitable for ponds and aquariums. They are also used for hydroponics, dusting, inflation, manufacture etc.

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