Fresh Lemon Blue - Septic Treatment

by Aeration Septic Inc

Naturally Break Down Waste In Your Septic Tank And Drain Lines

We’ve all experienced line clogging, slow drainage, and maybe even septic backup due to excess solid waste in our drainage pipes. It’s a huge inconvenience, and usually requires an expensive appointment with a plumber. Now you can stop these problems before they start, without any harsh chemicals, and without damaging your pipes and fittings.

Maintain Your Wastewater System Using Just Bacteria And Enzymes

Fresh Lemon Blue contains a variety of tough enzymes, which will work constantly to remove the solid waste in your pipes and septic tank. Each enzyme is specifically targeted to remove a particular type of waste. The Lipase will dissolve grease and oils, the Cellulase will break down paper and fibers, the Amylase will liquefy starches and carbohydrates, Pectinase will liquefy pectin and gums, and the Protease will tear apart proteins. To add extra power, there are also four strains of friendly, sludge eating bacteria which quickly multiply, coating your whole plumbing system with a protective and safe colony.

Safe For The Environment And Safe For Your Plumbing System

Fresh Lemon Blue is made from natural ingredients that safely biodegrade. You don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals causing problems in your local environment. You also don’t need to worry about your plumbing system. This septic tank treatment works safely and effectively, breaking down the sludge without damaging your pipes, tanks or fittings. It also works to prevent unpleasant odor, replacing it with a fresh lemon scent.

Protect Your System From Expensive Problems Bills – Pick Up Fresh Lemon Blue Today

  • PREVENT WASTE BUILDUP IN SEPTIC TANKS: This septic treatment uses a combination of friendly bacteria and tough, hard working enzymes to eat away and decompose the organic materials that clog pipes, tanks and drains.
  • NUMEROUS HARD WORKING ENZYMES: Contains a combination of tough enzymes that prevent sludge building up in your system, including Lipase to liquefy grease, Cellulase to break down paper and fibers, Amylase to destroy starch, Pectinase to liquefy pectin and gums, and Protease to blast away proteins.
  • SPECIALIZED STRAINS OF HELPFUL BACTERIA: It also includes strains of helpful bacteria, which double their population every 20 minutes. These friendly microorganisms chew sludge to pieces, helping your system run clearer than ever before.
  • SAFELY GUARD AGAINST MANY PLUMBING PROBLEMS: Prevent slow drains, sludge accumulating in your septic tank, drain flies, water backups and clogs, all without damaging your pipes and fittings.
  • ALL NATURAL AND SAFE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: This septic tank cleaner doesn't contain any harsh chemicals, so you don't have to worry about polluting the environment. It also has a pleasant, fresh lemon scent.

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