Jet Aerator - Jet 700 Septic Aerator - Jet 700 Septic Tank Aerator Motor - Official Jet Brand Septic Aerator

by Jet
The flood resistant Jet 700++ Aerator supplies the oxygen and the mixing that supports Jet’s exclusive treatment process, converting the wastewater into colorless, odorless liquids and gases. The aerator shaft spins and combines fresh outside air with the wastewater in the tank treatment compartment. Air travels through the aerator and into the tank, providing oxygen for the treatment process. No other manufacturer can match Jet’s quality, reliability, and dependable long-life. Jet’s warranty and repair service policy is the best in the industry - each Jet 700++ Aerator carries a limited 30-month warranty. After that, a LIFETIME Factory Exchange Program takes effect immediately after the limited warranty expires.

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